Version 0.9.5 now live!


Hey everyone, since its been a while that I updated the version and quite bit has changed (on the technical side mostly). I wanted to post again with the new version. There won't be any new quests but there will be a new location to go to and a new boss to fight.

You can download the new version here:

Because this version is mostly about the new boss which is for pretty high level (35 or more) I also added a download of a prefab level 25 soldier you can use to bypass the beginning of the game (since not a lot has changed to that part). Just drop the save folder next to the .exe and it will use it.


A few known issues with this version:
Charms & Blessings are not yet saved in your save file and will be lost upon restart of the game.There is no option yet to inspect your current charms & blessings for their effects & duration, but this will come in later versions.


Thanks for reading!


You can read the full update notes below:

Updates Notes Version 0.9.5


 Updated combat system 1.0


The combat system code has been overhauled to make updating, extending and improving it a lot better. In addition to that a new feature has been added to the combat system which is required for the last boss. This feature is the addition of Buffs & Debuffs, which I will explain further below.




The overhauling of the combat code while not changing a lot for the player will make it a lot easier to upgrade the combat system to 2.0. These were just the first preparations.


 Buffs & Debuffs


Various types of buff and debuffs are now in the game and can be applied/active during combat. These buffs can be either applied through special skills (This is what the boss does) or be active as a passive ability (charms from the temple). The following kinds of buffs exist within the game:


·         Damage Dealt Boost/Reduction (in %)


·         Defence Boost/Reduction (flat amount)


·         HitRate Boost/Reduction (in %)


·         CritRate Boost/Reduction in (%)


·         Damage Taken Boost/Reduction (in %)


·         DoT Debuff (Takes X amount of damage each turn active)


·         Stun Debuff (Skip each turn active)


Temple Location


A new location has been opened up in the game, the temple where you as a player can get either temporary buffs or temporary blessings for payment. The temple is located near the city of Stonehall and can be traveled to from that location.




For a small payment at the temple you can receive a temporary charm that lasts 15 turns of combat. A charm does not expire after combat is finished thus can be useful for multiple fights. The following charms with their bonuses can be acquired:


 Charm of Wrath


Damage Dealt +15%


 Charm of Thunder


All Attacks have 25% chance to stun for 2 turns


 Charm of Resilience


Reduce Damage taken by 10%


 Charm of Fervor


All Attacks lifesteal for 10%


 Charm of Passion


Attacks have a 40% chance to apply a 5 damage DoT (lasts 3 turns)


 Charm of Sharpness


All Attacks have 25% more chance to hit


 Charm of Guarding


Gain 15 bonus armor


 Charm of Precision


10% bonus crititical chance






It is also possible to pay a larger amount and get a special blessing that has unique effects on you for 35 combat turns. The following blessings can be acquired:


 Inner Fire


Gain 1 additional damage for each 1% missing health (caps at 99 damage at 99% missing health)


 Iron Will


When health reaches below 35%, Heal 15% max health (only occur once per fight)




Gain 5% Critical Chance after each successful attack, this maxes out at 35%


 Weapon Mastery


When wielding a Light Weapon (swords), You gain 15% Critical Chance


When wielding a Heavy Weapon (Axes), You gain 15% Additional Damage


When wielding Ranged Weapons 15% Critical Damage




Demon Lair


The third and last castle of the island has been opened and can be traveled to from the intersection plaza. The last boss will have unique abilities that apply either self buffs or debuffs to you. Recommended level of fighting is 35 or higher.


 Also added reward weapons for the final castle.




General Updates


·         Added weapon types and armor types to the game and made them visible when item information is shown.


·         Reworked the encounter RNG for exploring, the more dots appear on the screen the higher chance you will have for an encounter.


·         Fixed a couple of textual bugs (spelling or unintended wording).


·         Fixed a bug where navigation choices wouldn’t always work.


·         When the player has more than 100%  hitrate it will be maxed out at 98%.




 Balance Updates


·         When wearing Light Armor you have 5% extra Evasion


·         When wearing Heavy Armor you have 5% less Evasion


·         When using Light Weapons you have 5% extra Hit rate


·         When using Heavy Weapons you have 5% less Hit rate


·         When using Ranged weapons there is no change in Hit rate