[Version 1.0] Final Version

Download: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/20547271/CMDAdventure%20v1.0.rar

Hey guys I just want to let you know that I finished version 1.0 of my game. Marking this version as complete. I sadly wont be working on all the great idea's for version 2.0 since I will be starting on a different project and closing this after 11 months of development. See below for the change log for version 1.0 to see whats added still. If you encounter any bugs I can still fix them so dont worry about that :).


-Added fifth quest to the game (kill the mountain giant)
-Added Sixth quest to the game (kill the Demon lord + End of Game message)
-Updated menu with 'Character Options' with sub menu's (displaying buffs & quests etc)
-Added Lake location to game with fightable (& repeatable ) hydra which gives out rewards
-Tweaked the text drawing a bit more to prevent words being broken in half
-Hydra base strength lowered but now it scales by level and the amount of times killed

-Added the following new daggers:
Rusty Dagger (lv 3 Light Weapon)
Basic Dagger (lv 5 Light Weapon)
Iron Dagger (lv 8 Light Weapon)
Hunter's Dagger (lv 11 Light Weapon)
Swift Kukri (lv 13 Light Weapon)
Heavy Khanjar (lv 16 Heavy Weapon)
Bronze Hunting Dagger (lv 21 Light Weapon)
Silver Cinquedea (lv 25 Light Weapon)
Parrying dagger (lv 29 Heavy Weapon)
Gold Plated Knightly dagger (lv 30 Light Weapon)

All Daggers focus on Critical rate as their bonus stat and have slightly lower attack rates than the other weapons.

-Added the following new axes & shields:
Wooden Shield (lv 2 Heavy Weapon)
Broken War Axe (lv 8 Heavy Weapon)
Steel Shield (lv 12 Heavy Weapon)
Hardened Viking Shield (lv 18 Heavy Weapon)
Spiked Heavy Shield (lv 22 Heavy Weapon)
Barbarian Shield (lv 27 Heavy Weapon)
Gold Plated Knightly Shield (lv 30 Heavy Weapon)

All shields focus on adding large amounts of stamina to make the user more tanky, but have a lower damage and hitrate because of this.

-Added the following new bows & crossbows:
Roman Crossbow (lv 5 Ranged Weapon)
Simple Bow (lv 8 Ranged Weapon)
Greek Crossbow (lv 11 Ranged Weapon)
Reflex Bow (lv 17 Ranged Weapon)
Composite Bow (lv 20 Ranged Weapon)
English Longbow (lv 24 Ranged Weapon)
Chinese Crossbow (lv 26 Ranged Weapon)

With the addition of the new weapons there are now
 17 light weapons, 17 heavy weapons and 16 ranged weapons* (includes starting weapons)

*This is the pool of dropable weapons, the added weapons can only be found from drops. Market weapons have not changed. There are 5 of each type of weapons available at the market.

Added new option to the blacksmith where you can imbue your weapon or armor with dragon teeth and dragon armor (1000 gold for each imbue). Imbued items give additional stats based on the type of item that is used for the imbue-ing.

other changes:
hunter's crossbow max damage lowered from 23 to 22

Fixed negative damage dealt if you have too much armor
Fixed boss names not being displayed
Fixed a bug where skeleton bow did not give 10 dexterity, now it does.
Fixed a bug where defence bonus from shard augmentations was not added in the total defence

Added blocking system to the game. A blocked attack does only half damage. Players can gain block rate based on their dexterity and their equipped armor. Bonus block rate is determined by the attackers hitrate.

Base Hit chance for soldier & archer lowered from 25% to 20%