A burn Priest deck

2 Circle of healing

2 Power word: shield 

2 Holy smite

2 Northshire cleric

2 Voodoo doctor

2 mind blast

1 thalnos bloodmage

1 Nat pagle

2 Shadowform

2 acolyte of pain

2 Earthen ring farseer

2 Auchenai soulpriest

2 holy nova

2 holy fire

1 Prophet Velen

1 Ragnaros the firelord

1 mind control

I made this deck a while ago and its pretty fun and suprisingly effective. i dont have all the legendarys for it yet but it mainly relies on combos like auchenai soul priest + circle of healing with a big game finisher of prephet of velen + 2x mind blast for a total of 20 damage. it uses cheap card draw in the early ghame to dig to ur combos while at the same time keeping u from dying against aggro. heres the list edit it if you want.