Pawn Stars, Game Theory, and How it Applies to the Day9 Daily

So I took an interdisciplinary class called "Game Theory, Politics, and Economics," that was a "social" math class for lack of a better term. Anyways I wrote my final paper on the popular show "Pawn Stars", but I believe my thesis applies to the Day9 Daily. Pawn Stars is arguably the most popular edutainment show on TV, and as such has made a huge amount of people feel that they have an edge in the antique\pawn\rare item retail field, when in fact popular edutainment shows have the exact opposite effect. Although hobbyist collectors may be more well informed thanks to Pawn Stars, the opportunity to cost to become involved in the antique business has actually reason thanks to the popularity of the show. Consider the fact that Pawn Stars is the second highest rated reality show on cable, and you will realize that watching it isn't an edge, its a necessity! Do you think that by creating such an accessible, and immensely popular show Day9 may have actually raised the opportunity cost required to play Starcraft competitively while seeming to lower it?