Thanks for putting these games on the radar!

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Really appreciate your post, Michael! I haven't played Harvest Moon but I love Rune Factory & Persona (especially P4, one of my fav games of all time alongside Catherine). I saw your post on the MetaDating: Catherine page as well, among those by many others, and totally share the sentiment that the limited time of a MetaDating episode really didn't give the games justice (or the genre in general).

Many games that involves some sort of relationship ratings (like Social Link in P4, Love Level in Rune Factory, or Dive Level in Ar Tonelico Qoga) do take time for the story to build, and usually the results of the player's action won't be apparent until at least mid-way or later in the game (e.g. for me it would be like 20-40hrs into the game). And in Catherine's case, it's particularly unfortunate that the limited time did not allow Sean & co. to feel relatable to Vincent and realize the potentials for growth in that character as the story builds.

I think it's fair to say among the three games you listed, Persona would be the best bet, but tbh I doubt two hours would give any better results than what we saw in Catherine, where we barely had time to finish the tutorials and the game had just enough time to introduce the two main characters (i.e. present the full scope of the challenge/dilemma/problem that the player had to overcome). Other than having Sean and the gang preplay the games (or at least go through the tutorial parts so they could speed things up live), I really can't think of any other way to get around it with games like these. But if Sean & co. were to really take the analysis part seriously, I think it's absolutely essential that enough time be given to experience these games before they potentially jumping into any conclusions.

But all in all, fabulous job Sir[9] and all and Geek & Sundry - good time was had by all. Def looking forward to next month's episode.