I Need Some Tips For Creating A High School eSports Club

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I'm interested in creating an eSports club in my high school but I don't think the administration will let me. My school is a very athletic and academic school that focuses very heavily on these two things and has a standard approach to schooling only adding technology where needed. This makes it seem like they won't support the idea of an eSports club.

What arguments should I use to persuade them? So far I have a list of references to studies that show that starcraft 2 improves many cognitive processes. I also referenced some universities that have a starcraft 2 course. I also referenced some studies that show that starcraft 2 improves creativity. I also mentioned that having an eSports club at my high school will present a new and fun way to meet friends doing things you would normally be doing after school anyways.

If anyone wants a full version of my semi-research paper then ask in the comments and I will add the gist of it in here.

If you need any clarification on anything or this is in the wrong section then please just let me know and I will fix/clarify it.