Funday Monday Tournament (finished)

  (Edited: )

Helloo guys, it's been a good six weeks since the tournament started, and I would first of all like to thank everyone for participating and joining in the fun! Shoutouts to all of you :D:D huntsoda, dk2018, linkedkp, darth, montasaurus, fade, beastlylegit, ruapadi, jermo, mmarti, loopyloo, clahey, muffmuff, blackstar, shadowbair, fawxkitteh, wraithdagger, noobdude, ghostgambit, deathcon, stasis, baldur... you're all awesome!

I'd like to most importantly though announce the winner of the tournament: CLAHEY!! (wooo!!), who has been submitting many games, one of which is probably my favourite game throughout the whole tournament vs Darthkvzn ;>

I do plan on doing more of these tournaments in the future, although I will probably make a lot of adjustments and tweaks to the format of the tournament. I will have to admit there were areas in the format that I in my opinion could have used some improving, for example locking the brackets and participants for 6 weeks which is actually quite a long time. Nevertheless though, I have had fun watching your replays and games, I have seen the laughters go round, and I'm sure you have had fun playing the games as much as I have watching them ;D

Till next time guys, hope you had many funs and many lucks! :D

Tournament bracket page, lookie here for the scores n stuff!: