Chat Rules for day9tv

Here are the rules for chatting on the day9tv chatroom:

  • Learn lots. Don't judge. Laugh for no reason. Be nice. Seek happiness.
  • Improve the viewing experience for others through your comments. 
  • Ask before linking.
  • No spoilers.
  • No backseat gaming (i.e. telling Sean what to do).   

The following should be used rarely (if at all) and listen to the moderators if they say to stop. A few rip day9 can be funny if he died in a game, a lot kills the chat. Too many /me make chat an unreadable rainbow.  

  • Copy paste and other spam (rip day9 etc.)
  • /me roleplaying
  • Excessive emoting, only talking in emotes
Breaking the above rules may result in anything from a mod warning, message deletion, 10min or several hour temporary chat ban. Permanent bans will only be issued for posting offensive content or repeatedly ruining the chat experience.