Funday Monday Submission Rules

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Please send submissions to To ensure your replay will be considered, please make sure that you have the following in your mail:

Rules for Submitting Replays:

  1. Send each replay as an attachment
  3. The Subject of the email should contain:
    • Which Daily you're submitting for
    • A 10 or less word description of the game (Epic Base Race / Back and Forth with Close Finish / Dark Shrine miracle win)
  4. The Body of the email should contain:
    • Your Name, your opponents name, matchup, and league (Jerry (me) vs Johnny ZvT Gold League)
    • Map and Length (Whirlwind, 15:17 long)
    • Highlights/Why this should be in the daily

Think of it as a first date. The title is how the person looks on the surface, but the body of the email is the personality that actually makes you want to be w/ the other person!  Make'em good!


This process is designed to help the admins who watch your replay. Little to no description, long replay without constant action or multiple replays in one email will reduce your chances of being read when there are hundreds of submissions.