Games In Academia Rules

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Learn lots. Don't judge. Laugh for no reason. Be nice. Seek happiness.

What to Post Here

Have you ever included gaming in an academic paper? Used the scientific method while gaming? Are you doing research on something that could be relevant to the gaming community? Did you read an interesting study about video games? Talk about it here!


  • If you like what someone is saying, let them know in your response!
  • Criticism should be constructive.
  • Clever comments are encouraged, trolls are not.
  • Try and keep posts to PG-13.

Link Sharing

Starting a topic about an article/page on another website to start discussion on that topic here is perfectly acceptable (and encouraged). However, the topic must contain enough content to warrant its own thread without requiring readers to click through the link to the original source.

  • Original authors: Please do not just post a link to receive traffic. Post the full content, or if you feel that is too much a good summary. We also have a very powerful rich text editor. Use it. Don't just copy/paste plaintext.
  • Sharing other's work: Provide a level of understanding of the article by summarizing, quoting (make sure to cite the quote!) and/or putting the concept into your own words.
  • Media: Make sure to embed any essential media in the topic. You can do this by pasting the url of a youtube video, or drag&droping actual images.
  • Initiating Discussion: Make sure to provide a call to discussion if the rest of your post does not already do so. This can easily be starting by providing your own insights, or asking open ended questions.

The Usual Stuff

Welcome to the internet. If you’re new here, read a guide on internet etiquette or watch this video. Feel free to read our specific version of these rules here (coming soon).