#359 + psuedo-Archon Mode

  (Edited: )

I will concur that this type of 2v2 gameplay is fun as hell!  My friend and I were talking about the new archon mode that will be implemented and decided not to wait for the next game.  It's turned into the resource-trading Funday Monday (#359- "Money Dump") where one player only builds units after 5 minutes and one only builds economy (the "Bank").  My friend expected that economy would be really boring, but there is too much to do as zerg between getting vision of the entire map, taking bases, and helping to analyze what we should be building or attacking.
That, and it makes games a lot easier to win when we are not worrying about when to attack or expand.  The attacker just needs to be at the front of the enemy base at all times to keep constant pressure.  This, then leaves time for the bank to take more bases safely.

Funny story... One time when I was the attacker, my ally managed to take all of the bases on Preservation that did not have rocks (and the enemy gold rocks next to the watch tower).  He even took one of the enemy MAIN BASES and almost their natural (edit: in-base natural, not low ground) before they quit in a relatively short game.  Clearly they were not that good, but by never letting pressure up for more than 10 seconds, they never had a chance to counter.  It is not often that you can almost take an enemy main and natural as your 13th and 14th bases!  (I'm pretty sure I didn't get most of that income in order to afford that kind of growth).

But it has definitely made us better players since we have gotten over our lack of expansions or aggression.  We are both much better at taking bases AND being up in our opponents' faces most of the game.  We've also gotten better at adjusting to enemy play styles or forcing enemies out of position since the attacker can only rely on their own units to face the enemy armies.  I'm considering other funday monday topics, but I want to keep the resource trading aspect since it works so well for us.