RTS Card Game Development Stream

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Hello everyone!  I am streaming my own game jam this weekend where I will be attempting to make a card-based RTS in around 48 hours.  I have not made an RTS before, so this will definitely be an adventure for me.

My Twitch Channel is TwitchyMatsu


About the Game

I am calling the game I am making Chiisai Trump.  As a simple breakdown, each player has a summoner unit on the map and a deck of cards of 4 suites that correspond to 4 colors (red, white, blue, and green).  Similarly, the tiles on the map are divided up into 4 colors.  The more tiles a player controls of a certain color, the more resources they gather of that type that they can then spend to summon unit cards or cast magic cards that are in their hand.  The game is over when there is only one summoner unit remaining on the field.

Stretch Goals that might not happen this weekend

  • Players can edit decks
  • Fog of War
  • Online Multiplayer
    • In-Game Chat
  • Pathfinding (I would rather the rest of the game work first, and I've got just over 48 hours before class starts)

About Me

I am a Software Engineering student and indie developer getting ready to ship my first two games in the next month and would like to test the waters to see if and how I can stay afloat as an indie before applying for jobs since I am graduating in a month.  I have long loved RTS games as Warcraft III was a favorite past time for a friend and me in high school before switching to Starcraft II in college.  I am primarily a programmer (hence my major), but I can do decent artwork as well.  For this project, however, I will be using almost exclusively placeholder art in order to get the rest of the game up and running.

I decided to use Twitch because it feels like a good way to get in touch with an audience and show my success, struggles, and how-to's as a game developer as well as giving a video recording to show potential employers my skills should being an indie developer not work out.  Also, should I have the skills, I want to be able to interact with chat during development.  I have not used Twitch to stream before, so my channel is a little sparse, and between class and possibly finishing development for another game this week, I did not have time to decorate my channel more.

Why I am Posting Here

We all love Starcraft, RTS games, and eSports in general, and we all watch Sean stream each week, so I thought that maybe some people would be interested in watching an RTS get made in a weekend.  Some people here have experience in making games, so it might be fun to watch someone else do it for a change.  Others have no clue and want to learn, so hopefully I can help.  I will try to keep an eye on the chat for questions without slowing down development too much.

While I have not made an RTS before, I have done engine development on my own in C++ and JavaScript/WebGL; the latter of which I added an RTS user interface to as well as modified the GameObject object type to mirror how I assume Starcraft handles units based on in-game and editor experience.  I have also done plenty of reading on the basics of RTS programming as a software engineer and RTS networking.  Hopefully this is enough to make it through the weekend on top of the game design document I wrote a few days ago to help structure the development.

Again, this is an experiment both in using Twitch and in making an RTS for the first time.  Hopefully I can get the basic gameplay done in a weekend.  If not, I'll put it on hold until I finish my platformer game, and then I'll come back to this, assuming I have enough money to support myself through development and am not working for a company that has the rights to everything I make while I am employed.