[T] Heart Of The Swarm opinions

Hello y'all :D

   You can call me Knoxville. I have been watching Day9 and Husky's replays lately about HoTS and following the latest patches and changes ever since the beginning of the Beta for the new expansion. 

   I would like to gather our opinions and suggestions for the new expansion since I believe its an intresting topic that is being discussed everywhere... Why shouldn't we talk about it? :D

  To be short and not bore you I will give my opinion and also would request that we all discuss this in the best manner possible, since we all love Starcraft and only want what is best for it and for us (there is no need to hate!) 

  Please have into account this is my oppinion, I just needed to get it out of my chest and express myself. I would not like to sound like a douche though. Bear in mind I wish only the best for my beloved SC2 :D

 Hope you enjoy this space and topic... 


  In my opinion this is a crazy crazy Beta. I am not experienced in the matter, but from a user's point of view it looks as though it was more of an Alpha stage. I mean I feel the game is very far from being officially released and with every major change in every patch it feels further and further. 

  In regards to the changes to every race I don't know what is going on. Talking about the removal of the warhound, the changes in the oracle, mothership core, carrier/tempest topic. 

  For instance. I know everyone was going rage about the warhound being OP. I think it was OP too, but was it THAT op that the only way to balance it was to remove it from the game alltogether? Adding a new unit and removing it after 2 patches did not seem to be a smart idea to me. It felt like the warhound was never tested at all. I am protoss, and I still wish they would bring a more balanced warhound back. Mainly because the more new units in the expansion, the more intresting and changing will be. 

 Then again, speaking from the protoss. I feel 2 things. On the one hand, I can clearly see Blizzard wants us protoss to open Stargate really bad. And in regards to that, as a gold protoss I feel stargate openings are just bad unless you are cheesing. On the other hand I don't feel like protoss is at all finished or thought in HoTS. 1st removing the carrier, then bringing it back, the muliple changes to the Tempest that began as a unit that would counter mutalisks in alpha. And the changes in the spells for both the mothership core and oracle. There is just no way to follow or guess what will be protoss like in HoTS. I feel there is no fix idea about how protoss should be, like they would still be throwing ideas to the dark. And most pro players keep saying they expected or want or need a new gateway/robotics (ground) unit <--- That I agree, instead of more (spell)casters there should be more damage dealing units. 

 Finnally for zerg. This is the happy one. I clearly see that zerg is a new changed and fixed race for HoTS. I really like the changes and they feel really solid. Please notice that the changes for the zerg have been minor and almost feel unnecessary. You can see that Zerg feels well put together and what they are doing is just balance changes. This is a race that is in the Beta stage. Opposite to the others. I wished protoss would feel as well as zerg. 


Certainly I don't know what could be done. I am not Blizzard. I am no genius. In most shows that this is being discussed I hear the pro players saying there should be more playtesting of the new versions of the game, there should be more listening of the pro players opinions from Blizz. I really don't know how the situation is on that front. In my opinion, changes should start to be not so huge. Try to bring the game into a more rounded idea, instead of bringing more new ideas to the board with every patch. Maybe have a period of a month between every patch and make changes that will be more "final"; instead of making "try and error" changes with weakly patches. 


Best regards to all <3