Jungle Moonkin Druid! 22 damage nuke with 10 mana

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With League of explorers and all it's fancy new cards people seem to be overlooking a few of the more interesting and hard to use cards, so I tried to make a few of them work and I think this is my most successful one yet.
I present: Jungle Moonkin druid!

The key idea of this deck is to use the +2 spell damage from jungle moonkin to do some sweet burst with druids cheepest spells. The essentials for the combo are:
2 x Jungle Moonkin
2 x Moonfire
2 x Living Roots
On 10 mana this gives you a 22 damage nuke, an easily obtainable range for druid throughout a game, and druid also has the capabilities of staying alive long enough to draw the combo pieces. I'm still fidgeting around with the rest of the deck but I hope somebody sees this and experiments because it's a pretty cool combo. :)

In game name and battletag: Nidhogg#1982