Can I become great at this game, even though I'm a slight gimp?

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Hello, my name (or username I should say) is MeanMeany. Due to an injury while I was in the womb, I lost about a third of my muscle and a decent length of flexor in my left forearm. Regardless of my injury, I've never let my slight gimp slow me down. I was nominated and elected for Homecoming court, I played Soccer for 9 years until my asthma forced me to stop, I sing in my school's Barbershop Quartet, and I have played many lead roles in multiple musicals.

I'm not trying to show off (like anyone would be impressed with me singing barbershop anyways), I'm just trying to show you that I've always managed to overcome anything I've faced, even though I can barely move my fingers in my left hand.

Well, until now D:!!!

 I've played games my entire life, and I love the entire competitive gaming scene. Recently, a couple of my friends and I have decided  to ATTEMPT TO reach platinum and beyond on Starcraft 2. I'm loving the game so much, and I really want to become great at it. I'm only discouraged by how people constantly talk about how you need to possess the finger skills of a master pianist. I type very fast by most people's standards, but I still have that worry of finally finding a game where my left arm will physically keep me from becoming the best. 

If anyone has any advice, ideas, or anything else they could possibly provide, I'd love to hear it! And I apologize for the longer thread, I just didn't want it to appear like I can't do anything lol. Oh, and Day[9], thank you for getting me into the game, your videos convinced me that it just might be possible in the first place!