You've completely missed the point, placing 450 minerals worth of cannons at a ramp stops a 1000 mineral army 100% of the time, allowing the cannoning player to build a nexus and change. While his opponent is left with an army he has exactly 0 use for and no expansion.

I fail to see how a day nine viewer would not pick up on the fact that .. eventually ... players remove workers from their supply pool to make room for bigger armies, zergs by building sunkens and spores which then consistently fail to engage along with their main armies (see my above example), terrans by sacking 50 scv's at a time instead of using them to repair their mech force, build turrets and bunkers on the flanks or wall off areas, less is the case for protoss since they can't instantly rebuild their workers like the zerg , nor can they gather resources with only energy like the end game terran.

Your attempt to side track the topic is amusing, but naive.

Control does not equal skill, see Idra : perfect macro, above average micro, abysmal end game tactics. Yet he's a successful pro league player. But because he generally plays overly exercised games in which he leaves himself with no creative freedom, he generally is annoying to watch.... As opposed to TLO who has above average macro, above average micro and pretty much an open slate when going in a game, no reliance on meta to guide him. Far more enjoyable.

Both are "good" players, but to me TLO is the superior one, willing to try something else instead of relying on the crutches of "tried and true" but "stale" gameplay.