So why does it have to be a daily?

Why does it have to be a daily? Why not a weekly? Monthly? Show that he supports it still in some manner... Instead of 3 videos every day, why one one long video any spare moment? To me, that shows he still has some love for it instead of making such a strong impact and then letting it fall with a whimper. That's how it feels anyway. I did notice an extremely long time since the last SC2 video, but I'm wondering if that had more to do with a lot of different strategies opening up with new units and such. I know that going from WoL to HotS was quite a shock, but HotS to LotV just begs to have some kind of strategy focused on, and that's primarly what I was hoping for... if i'm the only one left that's asking for that and i'm a minority, then that sucks and i'll go on with my life... but Sean's tactical analysis of the better players didn't leave a lot to be desired when attempting to... be a better gamer.