Good Sire Day[9]

I am writting to you, because i have a great favour and a question :) ! First i would like to ask if you will be present at any tournament in Europe around Europe! Why i am asking this question u might think? Here is the anwser! My best friend, who is called Wiktor is haveing his 18 th birthday at 11 of January and i want to make the greatest present ever for the SC 2 fan! I want to get him flight tickets and tickewts for the event! However, i don't want to do it when you are not present! The event losses prestige without you! And here is the favour, but i think it might be too personal to write it on this forum, so i will give my email, so maybe you or one of your admins would respond to my question! Please respond he is my best friends from the elementary school! My mail is : [REDACTED]. I hope Day9 community will help me and of course YOU, the greatest caster ever! No matter what game u cast (Amnesia: the best cast i have ever seen!!!)
Your greatest fan,
Mikołaj "MagmaKingPL" Świtalski from Poland!
P.S. please repond to my question through mail , so then i can repond with my favour! Thanks!