And then It came to me...

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So doing my usual look about the world wide inter-webs and I've thought of a picture I'd love to draw. :) Will give it a link up once it's done.... Well once I've the time off from work as well. It involves Manfred and Amnesia. :) (Now I really hope I can draw what's in my visual mind right now because altho I can draw well, What I visualise in my mind and what I draw does differ  :S :/ Will see how it turns out)

Don't forget to share any art from sc2, day9 or any other of your favourite games. :)

(Edit 19Nov2012)

It's still ongoing and the photo of the idea so far isn't great (well... It is my mobile) But i'm relatively pleased with it so far considering alot of it is straight from my memory and no visual copying/help. Hope you folks like it so far.