Fan/Game Drawings, artwork and all things creative

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Something I've not seen yet is a place to show off any fan pictures, Star Craft drawings or even a page of artwork for any games or ANYTHING you all love. So I thought I'd start this up for anyone who would love to share any pictures, drawings, digital art, cosplay or anything that you would love to share with us. :)

I know I'd love to show some of what I've done over the years and will probably start doing some of the Star Craft 2 world.... Eventually. I only have a few tho from Final Fantasy 8, 10 and 13 and the odd character I decided to draw from playing an RPG game book (the rest of my artwork is from Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex or purely of the top of my head). They're on DeviantArt and some I still need to add to my game gallery folder.

Anyway I would love to see what you folks have created. :)

Edit:-  As this thread has been a little quiet and there is still plenty of creations by us all that we wish to share, I shall be adding some more of my art in many formats (nail, make-up, watercolour, pencil and digital) so it brings the thread back up so you can all enjoy everyone's creativity and art.

I also want to expand this thread to not just be fan art but art in general. If you've done anything artistic and/or crafty you wish to share, by all means share it here. We'd love to see what you've created. :)

Xx <3 xX