I always feel bad for asking... But I need help

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As some of you know I've been dealing with my dad for some time (from his diagnosis with cancer to his passing). It has been really difficult but I have been trying to stay positive and still trying to be active with the #GymLadyKnights and with other things in between all the paperwork and costs that come with loosing someone you love. (an old Thread about it is here)

It's been really hard mentally and is now becoming financially hard to boot. :(
I am trying everything I can including selling some of my things, trying to make art to put in hand made frames to sell and even trying to make up bath bombs. I can't get a loan and I can't afford to even go to a job to sort things out. It's because of this I am reaching out for some help.

I usually never ask people for money for my own self. Usually because I think there's always someone that needs it more than me. But I can't be like this. It really gets me down. I was hoping that all the paper and costs would be over (at least in the UK) so I could sort the Spanish part of the papers. But the UK tax lot are being stringent with me because my dad was a British citizen that moved to Spain... So they are making sure there's no tax evasion and that i'm under the inhertiance tax band. They are asking a lot of things that are not needed and it is causing financial problems.

As I mentioned, I wouldn't usually go as far as getting a funding page and ask for help like this. But I have to.

If anyone has any spare change at all. Anything. It would mean the world to me if you could help me out.

If you wanted any art or anything I can make/stream for you at all in return, then I will as I feel that for doing something good and to be given something you should give back whatever you can in return (something my dad would do).

If you would like to help please go to my Go Fund Me page and you can donate what you can there.

Thank you everyone