I'd love to see how it works out. :)

I've always liked how people can create games and was very close to doing a course into it myself (before they showed me the costs which would be 4,000-5,000 pounds sterling/ 6500-8200 dollars :( )

Slightly off topic though (just slightly). My boyfriend was recently re-packing his things and going through old papers to which he stumbled on some old gaming programs and floppy disks of his creations he made when he was around 7-9 years old (he's 31 now). I said he could start doing this again and make a nice little earner for it, to which he claimed it would be useless to do it now, that he wouldn't know where to start nor would he get anything for it... Now... I may be biast but I know he CAN do it and I know he could do awesomely with his mind and everything but as much as I give him the positivity, I personally can't tell him there to start or go with something like this. So if you could help Day9 in any way of suggestions, hints or tips Or if anyone here who does gaming programming could also help then I'd really appreciate it as I think he's letting go of a childhood dream that could really (and easily) become a reality.