Late night update... Well it is for me :P (May5th)

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So at the moment we're still at £318 ($536) Which is amazing and past the target.... But I don't want to have it stop there. Especially when all this helps so much for cancer sufferers and families/ friends involved.

At the moment I'm being told to get over to Spain as soon as possible but I'm having to wait until I have a new account set-up to help my dad and have the money he's given to me get me there. So at the moment my idea of me having to do the Race for Life in Spain is becoming more like something that'll happen.

Now in all honesty I have no clue if they do something like this in Spain but even if they do or don't, I'm still going to do this wherever I am. I need to help my dad.... I need to help others in the same boat. So please don't think I'm giving up on fund-raising or being dodgy... I'm not. I'm not that kind of woman. So please. If you want to help others like I am even when i'm dealing with my dad with it, then please if you can then donate what you can. Even a few dollars/ pounds/ yen.... Anything helps.

Thank you. <3

Daddy Mirrage Update

So my dad has been in hospital for about a week now and today they decided to put a tube in leading to his stomach so he can eat/ have food so he'll be strong enough to have chemo. I've been told it's been a success but still only really happened earlier tonight (was told about 10:30pm GMT) so will find out. They want to keep him for a further week before sending him home and starting the chemo. From what I'm told I need to be there before or at the end of this month. So I need to find a way of just telling work/ leaving it behind, sell my car, sell alot of my things, arranging flights and the car to get to his home and become a carer during this time. But I'll be about for watching  streams before and maybe even whilst there.... and will live stream a few more times before going there (maybe whilst there too... Will see how this laptop copes.

Thanks again all of you for supporting me, talking to me, playing hearthstone with me, playing games with me, donating and just being the best community I've ever known in my years of internets and gaming.

Thank you. <3