Mirrageofhope's Race for Life ( Ended...mainly updates now)

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Hey everyone. As some may know, I have been on and off here a bit usually with sad things happening during those times and this is one I wish to make better with your help.

I have had alot of pain in the family due to cancer (I had lost my nan to it, have had my mum have breast cancer and win) and I am afraid to say my dad has it. :( It upsets me so much because all the other times I couldn't do anything. I'd have to just watch how things went on.... And now I'm feed up of sitting and waiting... So I am doing a 5k run for Cancer Research UK called Race For Life
which will be in Stamford, UK on the 1st June...

And this is where all you lovely folks come in :) I would love to raise as much as humanly possible to help everyone else who is suffering this horrible thing. The people diagnosed, the families involved, the treatment and possibly the cure. All of the donations go straight to Cancer Research UK and it is all safe and secure.
As a thank you to all that have donated I will big you all up by wearing the day[9] t-shirt on the day of the run and will photo the days events and post them to you for all to see and enjoy as a way to say thank you. :)Thank you so much folks for being a great support for me. Your all the greatest. :DLaura aka Mirrageofhope<3


A massive thanks to all of you who've donated and been a great support to me... My Race for life went well and am happy in how well the day went and all the donations and support given. My just giving page will still be active for anyone who still wishes to donate... It will be active until the end of JULY 20th. I will still be compiling the video and getting it out as soon as I can. Until then I wish to thank you all and show you folks the medal I got for the event... To me I think it's deserved to not only myself but to all that have been a massive support... All of you deserve one of these tbh.

Thank you once more for being awesome.


(hope you can see the photo from the link)
I shall be keeping you all updated on me and my dad's progress on this thread for those who want to know. Many thanks again you awesome people.