Movember (Moustache November)

  (Edited: )

In this month of November we have both breast cancer awareness month (to spread awareness among women about breast cancer) and the guys have Movember (to grow a moustache to spread awareness of testicular cancer). I think it's something that started here in the UK to just help people to check for cancer and to support those with it. I know they've tried making it a world wide thing last year. It's something my bf certainly did (and kept his tash till June this year... He looked like an old school Mafia gangster and Gunther without a mullet when he had his sunglasses on. :P lol. Aaaah he'd kill me for saying that. lol. :P ).

 Would be cool if Sean is up for growing a moustache for a good cause. I know that some people don't like the feeling tho of a tash so I'd understand if he doesn't. Here's the link if you want to look into it further.