Thank you. :)

I've had my birth control pills ever since I was 16 so it's been 15 years I've been on those things and had to go through a few (some had too high oestrogen and caused some of my depression to get worse). I have to stop them for now as it's been so long and the reprecussions aren't great (like my senario now is due to too much of them over the years as well as an overload of e-numbers causing a reaction).

I'm glad I'm not alone. Mine were on a similar level too in pain. Any movement or even staying still would be agonising and I'd have to take time from school/work because like you said, it would be physically exhausting. I used to be bed bound and still do at times from it and try and sleep. Pain killers of any form do not work for me either. Only heat helps. Hence I have a beddy bear that is a microwavable teddy that helps.

I'm hoping that this next blood test will finaly get the issue at hand and maybe finally get be back on track.... Possibly even resolving the old issue of the periods and getting my metabolism back to a good level.

Fingers crossed. :)