The goodness post box

Since I've been going through a tonne lately and been finding ways to hype myself back up, I have been going through allot of TED Talk videos as well as Sean's videos and one very lovely crazy Cosplayer's mail videos. In all this crazy, fun and thought provoking videos I was wondering what you, the lovely community would watch to cheer yourself up with or would want to stimulate/ inspire the mind with.

You can share all these videos here and discuss the issues and happiness and come out full of the good stuff :)

Here are mine to start off the goodness.

From TED Talks :)

To crazy fun Jessica Nigri

(To think when I was younger I was a British version of this.... Age does some stuff on peoples)

And of course can't leave out the lovely Sean and this very helpful episode with kittens and ninja stars.

So come share the good stuff here and have fun you awesome people. <3