The watchers List of DayKnight Streamers

As I can't find the original stream topic I thought I'd set this up for all of you. :) (Clears throat *Ahem*)

 Welcome one and all to the Streamer page!

This is where most of both Dayknights and other fellow gamers come in and share not only their love of day9's streaming goodness, but share their own personal stream links of starcraft 2 and other games they love and wish to share with you as well as give helpful hints and tips with your own streams or for those staring in the world of streaming. So come and share your streams, have and lend a helpful hand, find other streams to enjoy and most of all have fun! :D

First off i'll start with mine which to be honest.... I've not done in a long while. I'm hoping if I can get it running (to the best of my ability) to be bringing streams of entertainment as I (with the skills of a noob) play various games and maybe even show some of my artistic skills. Here's my link if anyone is interested.

I am hoping (since there will be some quiet moments whilst doing this) that I'll be able to move the old streams to youtube so all of the entertainment can be stored in the long term for everyone's ongoing entertainment.

So come one and all for some gaming fun! :D