Time off

As you might know I was given a present to go take a break to Cyprus during my birthday and  usually I would take that time to be the laziest person going.... But whilst there I decided that whilst taking a break, I should also keep up with keeping fit and healthy (which I find far easier there with their foods than the UK). I've been doing my situps even on the beach while my feet are firmly dug and buried in the sand, been doing a massive walk from the Troodos mountains down to the Platres (past a big waterfall) as well as getting my swim on at the beach (I'll be honest I am not a great swimmer but I have improved). All this and I have noticed a difference in my health. No weight loss that I had hoped for but it seems to look like I have lost some because I have toned up a bit so I am happy. :)

I need to keep it up though back in the UK and with foods tasting bland, fat and ils being of the bad variety and not much creativity and other worldly foods about where I live, it seems to be more of a problem finding some tasty grub. If anyone knows of a nice Indian and/or Chinese cuisine that is good for you and really tasty then give us a shout (yep Indian and Chinese is the only other worldly cultured food in my area). :)