UbiSoft - Outland

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I have recently re-installed this to my xbox 360 as this one is beautiful and tried remembering if Sean has ever played it.... I believe he may have but please don't count me on it. I thought it would be in the lists here of other games but when I noticed I couldn't find it in searches, I decided to do this for all of you lovely people to see and enjoy.

So here goes. :)

This game is beautifully mastered platform game that was out in 2011. As the story goes (don't worry it's not a spoiler)...

In the present day, one man had started to experience dreams and visions of the past. He attempted to take medicine to stop it, thinking that this was a medical problem, but the medicine was ineffective; something larger was at play here. The man decided to find a shaman to find out what the problem was, what these dreams and visions meant, and to cure him of them. However, the shaman told the man of the ancient stories of a battle 30,000 years ago between a great hero and the two Sisters of Chaos - one who controls Light from the Sun, and one who controls Darkness from the Moon. The Sisters were imprisoned after the battle, but the hero had perished in the process. The shaman informed the man that he was the hero's reincarnation, and that the Sisters of Chaos have apparently escaped their imprisonment. This man was now the only one who could stop them, and so he went forth on the journey.

The black along with blues, reds and other colours on the character and background make this a beautiful piece of artwork gaming that can be played for hours (I know I have). I highly recommend it to all who like an artistic platform game full of colour and yet dark. The music is also amazing and makes this game even more feels than a feely flea with a feelers. :P

Here is the Trailer....

Aaaaand the images....

For those who'd like to play it is to purchase in the shops or download on xbox... Not sure if it's on any other format but if so GO GET IT because it's AWESOME!!! :D

<3 Mirrageofhope <3