Update (i'll be doing this a fair bit....)

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Thanks to the donations so far online, I've ended up extending my target to £300. Many thanks to Manbon and many others including even my own dad. Even tho he probably has it and knows how it is not just for himself but for me and the rest of the family, He's kindly donated as well as telling me how proud he is (Dammit I'm crying again).

So!  Thanks to all who have donated so far here and to all that know me. It means so very much not just for me but to countless others. If you haven't donated then please do if you can. Even a little. There is still time as the event will be on June 1st.

I shall be streaming tomorrow (March 28th) about 11 or 12am GMT to help raise awareness and for all to donate (I shall put the links in my description on Twitch as well as it on the main stream. I would love it if any folks can come watch or help in any way :) (I will warn you my mic is an internal one and can hear the fan going off.... Trying to fix that/get an external I can afford). I'm sure i'll be on there for a long time so if you feel you'll miss out, don't worry. I'll be about for a while.

Many thanks to all so far and don't forget to spread the word and get others donating. It means so very much. <3