Update :)

As much as this update falls on April 1st, I can reassure you it's not.

I would like to say the usual thank you to everyone who's donated so far for the cause. So far we've raised £175 pounds for Cancer Research to help prevent, treat and cure those with Cancer and I am so happy and proud of all of you that have helped so far and even those just watching and putting up with me doing this. I have known in the past people getting peeved by the onslaught of ... Well.... Advertising and I guess you could say this is in a way but as much as I am doing this to help many others it's also kinda helping me too.

It's showing me just how awesome all you people are in the world in helping others not just by giving but also how you've helped spread the word and have put up with me doing this. I means one hell of alot and I thank you all. As you know there's still a way to go (as the run isn't until June 1st) and it's still early days but for the support that's there already?... I am so thankful to you all.

I am doing live streams as often as I can with the web address at the top so if you wish to donate then all the info is there and I am also trying to get my work involved as well. So if your around Boston UK in a Pizza Hut or are online, awake late at night (for me it'd be the day time here) or day, Feel free to go on twitch/see me in work to either donate or help in any way. I really appreciate it. 

Much Love
Mirrageofhope <3