Well blow me down and call me Dave...

Hi everyone. I've been having. A hard time recently with weight as it's not budged. Even with my cycling. And since this is mostly a ladies place to go to, I can also say I have been a sufferer off extreme period problems. One of which I've been to the doctors over recently.... and from what they have said (along with more blood tests :/ ) I have too much prolactin (a hormone that affects the boobs/makes us ladies produce milk) and need monitoring as it might need a specialist for the issue.So why did I mention it you say? 

Well upon researching it I found out that it also affects the immunity system as well as..... my metabolism. So it might explain my rise in weight as my metabolism has been affected over it and might explain why my weight is not going down due to exercise so well. 

So while I still exercise and try to loose weight i will also now be checking up on my prolactin levels and see if it sorts anything out there. Fingers crossed.