Game Design VS Game Analysis

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I need your wisdom, oh wonderful DayKnights. I am on the verge of applying for a Master of Science in either Game Design or Game Analysis at the IT University of Copenhagen. I've got an educational background in Multimedia Design (2yr academic degree), and also hold a Bachelor and a Master degree in Communication and New Media.

I'd really like and appreciate your input on the following: what do you think is 1) more realistic a job venture (design or analysis) and 2) more called for in the gaming industry these days/trends for the future?

My creative, project management side is screaming to go for Design. But my analytical side that likes to poke at things and see how they work can also see the benefits which could be gained by going for Analysis...

I'm hugely driven by the concept of observer-friendly games, so I suppose it is also a question if I want to actively and practically apply this passion, or if I want to dive into it and see what analytical building blocks it is made of...

You see, I am torn! So any insights would be so welcome. <3 Thank you!

UPDATE (24 March): I sent in my application yesterday! In the end, I chose to go with game design, as that is where my passion lies, and the track still incorporates a lot of theory and analysis aside from design and project management. And I can always do more on the side myself, should I feel something is missing. I want to thank all DayKnights who have helped me out and given me advice, it's been invaluable! I'll let you guys know if I got in come June! :D