Rough Day, Man

So, for background (those who have been in the chat the select times I have been on may know this) I work in an ER. In a not nice part of town. In a not so nice part of the country.

I'm used to the herion addicts, the drunkies, the strep throats and the ear aches and the people who actually deserve to be in the ER. I get those, I know those, and I can deal with them.

I had a shaken baby come into my ER 3 days ago. Subarachnoid bleed. Today he was taken off life support. Idk why I am taking it so hard, but I am.

He was 9 months old and his name was Jayden. He had a name, guys. He loved to laugh and be tickled and enjoyed the things other 9 month old children enjoy. He could have been anything and gone anywhere.

I wanted to thank day9 and moreso the dayknight community for helping me through this rough time. You guys have really helped me keep my chin up and helped me to treat people the way they deserve to be treated, no matter where they come from. 

Thank you all so, so much. I will keep serving my community in the best way that I can.