En taro White-Ra!

i'm Morindil and i am Protoss ^^
i am one of the old geezers who actually played SC1 and SC Brood War when they came out years ago  :)
i instantly fell in love with the protoss race, their history and everything about them back then.
but cause i had no internet back in those days, i never played vs other humans exept for some lan-matches vs friends :(
then SC2 came out... and after i got myself a better computer i started playing SC2 a few month ago <3 
of course i am still fighting for aiur and shakuras and i think i will never ever switch my race because i just fucking love protoss XD
i even learned a bit khalani (protoss language) and read every bit of backgroundstory i could find online ^^

so i end with the apropiat farwell phrase of the protoss:
Taro ruul asz! (may honour guid us!)