Low Level Gaming League official thread

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My name is mrwizard, and I am starting up a tournament for all you players who want to play in a tournament like setting. This is called The Low Level Gaming League, because were not pro's, or even simi-pro. 

To apply, A: you must not be a grandmaster, or a bronze league player.B: you must not be a professional gamer. (XD)

C: you must agree to follow the rules.. AKA no hacking, spamming me when its not your turn, or useless wasting of admins time (planetary rush with no excess econ etc).

If interested Add mrwizard code 456

Anyone interested in acting as an admin, or casting said event, please add me as well

Admin who wants me to get my own site please read this.

Dear Day[9], (and admin that's probably reading this)My name is mrwizard, or Jack, and I'm a aspiring admin of SCII. I am creating a league for newer SCII players to try a

nd play in a tournament, and I have a hunch that some of the games will be excellent content for a daily XD, but later. not asking you to do anything more then let me use your forums until i get an admin to write us a webpage. Of course, once were set up a shoutout during announcements or a link in on your website or really anything would be great.Thanks Mrwizard.

LLGL Owner

(sent this to monday@day9.tv, doubt you looked at it, as it had no replay attached)