My new world: The Flood Fall of man

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This is the world of Archnolgia, out of my new book; The Flood: Fall of Man

It is long, and it is also somewhat hard to understand (final edits aren't done.)

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 The first “Break” came on June 4th 2034 AD. The US gulf coast, Especially the port of New Orleans was protected by dikes, and even as they fought to build the walls higher, the risen seas overwhelmed the fanatic efforts of the international community. After the single largest evacuation in the history of mankind, there were still thousands left in the cities and countryside. Once the dikes broke and as the water flooded in, the death toll began to mount. The United States government, the most powerful nation on earth, was left helpless and terrified. Then rivers began to overflow their banks. The first to go were the great ones; The Amazon, The Mississippi, The Danube, The Thames, The Nile and its massive Aswan Dam, the Tigris and Euphrates, the Ganges, The Yellow and Song in China and so on, all over the world.

The next “Breaks” came in Europe and the Mediterranean:

The Aswan Dam shattered after a direct break in its central core, and the resulting flood shocked the world as the Egyptian government fell apart and almost 25 million lives were lost. This was only a fraction of the eventual loss of life. The worlds greatest fear became the destruction of the dikes in the Low Countries. As the world collapsed around them, the dutch continued on as they always have, stoically. They had long ago given up on the dikes, and as it continued to rain, they gave up on their country. The mass exodus of the entire dutch race to Switzerland was the most terrifying thing the world had ever seen. Videos of thousands walking, heads down away from collapsing dikes became one of the most powerful images of The Flood in all of history. A painting by a modern artist named “The Fall of Holland” became an enduring symbol of the dutch survival instinct. As the United Nations struggled to survive the destruction while moving themselves on to a renovated World War II aircraft carrier offered by the french navy. All humanity began to panic. They were presented, for the first time in years, with the complete truth: Their governments were collapsing, and millions were dying and nothing could be done. The final recorded “break” was in England. The Thames flooded and the Queen herself had to flee a sinking Buckingham Palace. 15 of (english senators??) were killed and almost a billion people had now died from the floods beginning to change the shape of the world's coastlines. The Whole of England just….. imploded. People went insane, and looting, riots, and death tolls in the millions began to mount. Four different counties created themselves and were promptly destroyed within weeks by the never ending chaos. The British army declared martial law and began to set itself up as a military dictatorship. The UN sent in forces to help the people, backed by the rest of the democratic world. This was the beginning of the chaos. The world began to wake up to the fact that it might not survive to coming storm.

The end was nigh as the world was shocked as coastline after coastline began to change. As billions started to panic, the higher ground became the desired places, and flood waters rush uncontrollably through the streets of every major city on the planet. High in Tibet, the Tibetans revolted against China, and overthrew the Chinese in a matter of days. Similar rebellions happened all over the world at that time The religious leaders of every faith issued a rallying call to their subjects. This “Freedom Call” is now well known by many of the religious groups across earth:

“Hear Me, Humanity. I am the Dalhi Lama and I say that the world is collapsing. We cannot change that. But Civilization must NOT fall along with this world we know. So come, come one, come all. To the very shores of hell, The Tibetan navy will sailed for where it can help. When our boats arrive. We will save, and help, and we will invite as many as can be loaded onto our boats to sail with us! We shall move for survival! To you, petty leaders sitting in your castles, worrying over invasion, we are not attacking. Will you stop our ships? For if you do, we will turn away, go somewhere else. There will always be somewhere in danger. But if you turn us away, we will stand by and watch your people die. We will cry to ourselves “Why did they not let us save those children!” but we will obey. So for all those of you, trapped by flood waters Hear This! As all our gods say; whether Buddhist, Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Jewish, Atheist, or any other. We must survive! And we must build. If we humans give in to terror, all of the world will fall beyond saving. Go to your boats, go to your mountain castles. Go to your homes. But do not despair. Never that. We will be driven back, the world we know rent asunder. BUT! If we allow evil to grasp us, if we allow terror to take us, all the world will die and fire and death will rule supreme. We may be falling, we may be dieing, but we are not dead! We do not have to die just because it seems like that is the only option! There are always options. So pray! Pray to your god and hope for redemption.

Pray that the rain stops.”

This was the mood of all humanity when the Chaos began.

This is a localized example of the fall. Keep in mind that this is happening all over the world.


“The Flood continues!” shouted one preacher. In Arabic“Pray for redemption!” yelled another in Hebrew.

“Pray for Salvation!” shouted a third in English.

“Pray for death!”

Shouts in 5 different languages continued. The streets of the worlds holiest city were now filled with such preachers and the Israeli army was pulling out so it was about to get ten thousand times worse. Micheal knew all this, but he would never leave the city of his forefathers. He could not. It was the final death knell of the worlds greatest city. Not even Rome compared to its majesty, and now it was falling into the ever rising flood water. Billions had died in the flood, and you had been able to see it for days now. The Israeli army was forced to walk away from its own capital, unable to combat the water rushing across the desert. Just last week the whole of the Suez Canal had vanished, sucked away and hidden by the waters. Water was flooding through the streets. People were screaming, holding on to each other for dear life. He began to walk, slowly and steadily, to the Temple. Thousands were being killed by the water, but Micheal, so sure of his purpose, walked straight on. People were stuck on roofs. He could hear the faithful drowning at their prayers. Then he walked around the final turn, and saw the temple collapsing into the water. Almost a million people were crammed around it, as if to prove to God that even his own will could not destroy the holiest of hollies, the building of old. The Temple of God. As the city drowned, he walked. He walked and walked until the water rose above his head and swept him into the temple. I witnessed more die then any man, before, or after me. He thought, and then his body slammed into the back wall of the temple. He heard a rumble, and watched the roof of the temple fall inward. Towards him. Millions died that day. That was the start of the chaos.

At the moment we believe that the chaos began, sea level had risen approximately 150 feet.

As water rushed through the streets of Rome, the boulevards of Baltimore, the lanes of Washington, the alleys of Paris the skyscrapers of Beijing, the hills of San Francisco, the halls of the Kremlin, the list goes on; Quebec Montreal, Salt Lake, Phoenix, Hong Kong, Sydney Tokyo and thousands more. As all this happened, The world began to fall like the Dali Lama had predicted; people panicked. Riots looting famine and eventually, war, and the collapse of the great states of Europe Asia, and America. As the floodwaters rose, people began to blindly claw there way upwards. To the tops of buildings, the highs of cliffs. Anyway they could, people tried to escape. Death became the most common thing in life. People turned to anything they could at end. The South Pacific was awash with bodies. Satellite images showed absolutely nothing remained of almost all the pacific island groups. In the end, the chaos took almost 7 billion lives, with The early flood claiming almost a million. As the Tibetan ships arrived, humanity began to look like it might survive. The almost 10,00,000 converted container ships saved almost 5 million people from the water. Tibet became the only remaining continent.

This is our world. This is Archnologia.