Coraabia (MMO trading card game)

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Hello everybody, I'm myLAAN from the Czech indie studio ARK8. For the past 6 years, we have been working on our MMOTCG called Coraabia and today is the day we finally release our worldwide beta.

Coraabia is a browser-based trading card game much unlike the masterpiece that is Magic: The Gathering. Why copy something that might already be the best? At its core, Coraabia is more similar to the simple card game War, where the higher number wins. But the actual gameplay is much more complex and you can recognize familiard TCG strategies like aggro, control or combo. Still, the basics are very easy to learn even for people who never tried TCGs before.


Coraabia is set in an original sci-fi setting that we like to think it offers more serious themes and gray morality. As a Coraabian, you don't fight against some superultimate galactic evil, you have to make your stand in more profane matters. Which side of a ethnic conflict you stand on? Which of the three less-than-perfect candidates for governor to vote for? And the thing is, your actions matter. Every event that happens in the game happens in the Coraabian multiverse as a whole. Players steer the course of Coraabian history and that's what MMOs are about.


As we self-financed the whole project, Coraabia had to be born as a community project. Even I myself started as a regular player that wanted to help out and we're always eager to offer anyone the chance to prove themselves. Who really proved themselves were the Coraabia Artists, a group of more than 400 visual artists from 65 countries of the world who willingly allowed us to use their art in the game. These are some of the most talented and kind people and a great example of how crowdsourcing works.

To celebrate the beta release we prepared a giveaway for all Coraabians. During the next 7 days, you can get your own free copy of KOBURANG (guru Mercenary), a brand new unique card released for this occasion! Just enter a special promo code in the module Shop/Xottery in the game.


I hope you got at least slightly interested in Coraabia and I'm looking forward to hearing any feedback :)

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