Charity event coming up this December

Hello everyone!
Last year I participated in a charity event titled "Rumble in the Bronze" in which bronze level players would play each other under various constraints while being mocked by InControl and another caster named Seguer.  It was all in good fun, and ended up raising $18k for Child's Play.  If you don't know of this organization, look them up- they were started by Penny Arcade and they donate video games and toys to children's hospitals which help children get through treatment.  
While they will not be calling it Rumble in the Bronze this year, it will be run by primarily the same team of people.  I am now part of this team instead of one of the participants, and we are looking to do something similar again this year, and again aiming for sometime early December to coincide with Christmas time.
To get an idea of what was done last year, check out this VoD (in which I get made fun of by InControl):

More details to come soon once we decide on a date, but please keep an ear out and tell your friends!   There will be prizes and participation opportunities for viewers, so be sure to join in and help support our cause!