Banned from the Twitch chat, and I don't know why?

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I just came back from a hiatus of not watching Day 9, and when I logged in and went to his stream, a familiar song started playing when he went on break. It said that I was permanently banned from talking in his chat when I tried asking what it was.

I don't know why this is, but I've never trolled his chat, I like him, I don't see why I would've, so I assume this must be some kind of mistake.

To look into it, I checked the ban section where it says what people would get banned for and for how long and it said 

Breaking the above rules may result in anything from a mod warning, message deletion, 10min or several hour temporary chat ban. Permanent bans will only be issued for posting offensive content or repeatedly ruining the chat experience.

I've never done that, so I assume that a bot must have targeted me by mistake. My twitch username is Vengeance_TV. Can a mod please look into this? Thanks in advance.