Blizzard did something right?! :P

"OK, so I don't think this is necessary to make people be scared of cloaked (or burrowed) units, I don't really think a Zerg should be forced to rush a Lair to be able to detect, of course you can use Spores but you will have to use so many that making a Lair would be the better choice."
So should DTs, and SHs be removed from the game? I do agree that with the recent widow mine changes, they need armory requirement again.

"Also, saccing cheap units isn't always an option for several possible reasons, for example:
The place where the Widow Mines Lay burrowed might be guarded by Marines or other units.
It might be really hard to know where the mines are, especially because they will in many cases move after being deployed.
And let's be honest, it can be kind of hard to expect the Widow Mines, especially if they are in random spots before you really got your mobile Detection started."
Wow, sounds like Blizzard did a great job then! They actually gave Terran a way to space control and slow down armies. And they did this without adding vulture+spider mine.

As far as the rest, I think making armory requirement would make the scouting and tech timing make more sense for widow mines, now that they actually do something. As far as muta harassment, I don't see bringing an overseer or sending one muta in to test would be a huge deal. Remember, the attack is not fully automated, so terran players cannot attempt to trick you into sending your flock, any test will never have a false negative.

I don't see how it is "good in every way". It has many weaknesses that can be exploited, including its relatively small range, inability to target, and slow fire rate.

As far as vs zerg, I think delaying til armory makes detection or infestor tech a viable way to shut them down, but it's damage may be a little high without the suicide. I think there should be more testing after the armory change though.