Clans coming soon to Heart of the Swarm beta

  (Edited: )

"Anyone can create or join a Clan, and doing so gives you access to the Clan window. In the Clan window, you’ll find a completely private chat channel, a News tab where Clan affairs can be posted for all members to read, an Info tab where officers can post Clan information, and a Members roster.

When you create a Clan, both a Clan name and a Clan Tag designation are required. All of the members of your Clan will have their character name pre-pended with the Clan’s Tag. The Clan Leader is able to promote members to the rank of Officer in the Clan (and demote, when necessary)."

Here's an interesting limitation though:

  • There is a limit of 50 members per Clan.

Maybe they'll change this limit later, but this seems like it could potentially be an issue for professional teams. Though, does anyone know a professional team with more than 50 members?