Using air harass against widow mines

Here are my thoughts about using air harass against a widow mining player. (Note non-harass air shouldn't be very different from your normal ground operations)


  • Mutalisk: This is probably the one that will be hurt the most, however it is still doable.
    • Take 1 overseer, and lead with a mustalisk. That mutalisk will die to the widow mine (this is not cost effective for zerg, but not absolutely terrible). Then you can fly in with your other mutalisks and kill the mine. 40s is a long time for that mine to do anything again. This is more problematic if there are turrets as well, but remember if they have invested heavily in defense, you should just leave them in their base and expand (general principal of Starcraft).
    • Cons: Micro intensive, still bad trade
    • Pros: You can still autowin games you are ahead with mutas if they don't have proper defense besides a few gimicky widow mines.
  • Brood lord: The range on broodlords make this easily take out any mines, and the broodlings will soak up additional shots for free. Just keep with an overseer before you get too far into their base
    • Cons: Requires building an overseer. (But you should already have one at hive tech.)
    • Pros: You kill all the mines at no cost. Very little micro.
  • Overlord drops:
    • Players can lead with a few overlords, one with lings to eat up the extra mines. Probably still too much effort to be seen commonly against a known widow mining player.
  • Nydus worm:
    • The short range of the mine will make the sight requirement for worms quite easy, however the mine might see the worm before it is done. Once done, players will need to lead with a few zerglings so they trade effectively, then have an overseer nearby to clean up afterwards
      • Pros: Mines cannot attack the worm
      • Cons: Once unloaded, mines can still attack, so order of units must be carefully decided.


  • Banshee harass:
    • While banshees do outrange the widow mine, pulling a raven along will be very prohibitive to early game harass. Players will need to start scaning for mines before they enter the base. And not seeing any mines, they won't get that scan back. I see this becoming less popular - at least as an opening.
  • Medivac Drops:
    • Instead of being able to simply dart back if they see turrets, terran players will have to scan ahead to see if there are mines waiting for them. If there are, they can't get the money back, as they likely have no way of sniping. Players might bring 1 banshee for bigger drops, but I don't forsee small drops being popular.
  • Battlecruisers:
    • Players will likely start bringing a raven, or simply using extra scans when entering a base. At this point, widow mines are unlikely to affect the game except against careless players as the initial cost overhead at that stage in the game is trivial.


  • Void ray:
    • Nothing really changes much here except keeping an observer following your void ray. Void rays will make short of mines planted at the ends of the base, however they should be careful when going too far in against marines, as they won't target the mine first.
  • Phoenix:
    • Not sure if they will get hit before they can lift, so still unknown about this one. However, phoenix openings have not been known for being the best against terran, so this likely doesn't change anything.
  • Warp prism:
    • This is the big one affected. Players will need to be much more careful when using warp prisms, and accompanying them with an observer will be a little prohibitive, as players like to dart the warp prism around all corners of the base. The key to using this effectively will be finding a hole in the base to unload units. Given the range of 5, this shouldn't be too hard, but still rather annoying
      • Cons: Careless players can lose huge payloads quickly. Harassing players lose ability to quickly dart around to different parts of the base to pull the terran player around unless they have lots of observers.
      • Pros: Small range of widow mine makes finding holes in defense not prohibitive.
  • Carriers:
    • Interceptors are cheap trades, so just keep an obs with the army. Similar to battlecruiser section.
  • Tempest:
    • Widow mines do nothing, just have an obs
    • Building 1 tempest will likely be common to make all the other airship plays easy - especially warp prism harass.
  • Oracle:
    • Likely shut down until later stages in the game where tempests eliminate mines for free.