Wings of Liberty Balance Update -- December 4, 2012

  (Edited: )

On December 4, after a brief maintenance period in each region, the following balance changes will take effect globally:


  • Raven seeker missile upgrade removed.


  • Infested Terran eggs health down from 100 to 70
  • Fungal Growth range down from 9 to 8

Thoughts on this change? Maybe we'll see less ZvZ finals?

Personally I think the terran change won't change much, but the infested terran change will greatly affect PvZ. I was thinking an infested terran damage nerf personally, but I can see this would allow for the same level of damage for those not dealing with infested terrans properly as opposed to those facing them in an upfront battle. However I do fear that an HP reduction might further encourage deathballs so that is something to keep an eye on.