DAY9 Hearthstone soundbite project! you're welcome to help out

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With CryptoMaker's enormous help this project is starting to take shape!


So this is a little personal project I've been working on while watching the Decktaculars. 

The idea is to make soundpack created completely by Day9 soundbites and impersonations - and in order to do that, I need to find map and record the proper soundbite for each and every card.

Right now it's in the form of a google doc spreadsheet with every episode I went through, along with a list of the sound bites, their text and position in the ep.

I've begun with this massive undertaking myself, but then I realized - hey, why not make this a community effort? If at least one person helps out with one episode, we could wrap this up in notime!

What do you think?

The link for the doc