CorridorZ - Mobile game that I made

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Hi! I want to show you mobile game, that I've worked for the past few months.


This time you don't 'face' the obstacles, but the actual pursuit. Don't let the zombies catch you up, throw them the obstacles and aim for the head before they take the first bite. In the meantime find the lost recordings of the audio log and reveal where did the infection come from in your small town.


CorridorZ is runner - but riversed, and it's not endless - it has progress, story and missions. Ussualy runners, are games that you just run for score. In our game we tried to give this game a story, plot and characters that are trying to get to something.


Game is created in Unity 4.6, but when we started, there was only unity 4.3, so game is not using any of new Unity UI. Menu elements are made with sprites, with my own shaders.

Unity is powerfull engine when your environment is static, but you can’t use its features when level is generated “in game”. Some object have baked lightmaps, and it is changing from script, depend on what is needed by game. We can’t use default static mode on meshes, and Dynamic Batching is not always working as it should. So every groups of environment are batched by functions like “StaticBatchingUtility.Combine”, that allows us to Batch meshesh as static, when still be able to move them by selected pivot.


If someone is making his own game, and want to know how something about how it was made, then just ask. I will be happy to answer it and help :)


It’s Free2Play. It was released today. You can get it from Apple AppStore, Google Play and Amazon:

Apple AppStore

Google Play