I thought I hated HoTS, but now I'm at the top of Silver

Maybe watching Day9 has made me a better gamer. I started playing Warcraft before it was "1", did WC2 and 3, and SC (no number) then SC2. I've been playing SC2 since it came out, playing on the ladder for maybe 15 months. At best, I would work up to 7th or 8th in Bronze, then get knocked back down to 30th. Been doing this season after season.

I was in the beta for HoTS and hated it. Mostly I hated it because I always lost. I lost before I could even try any new units. Swarm hosts? What's that, I'm dead before I get Lair. I was like 0-30. Towards the end of last season on WoL, I got back to 7th in Bronze. So I decide to pay for the upgrade.
I lost my first 8 games of HoTS. Won one, lost the next 6. Was thinking that this is really not a game for me.

But in the past two days, I've been winning. Well winning 75% or so, and when I lose, its after a good game, 30 minutes or longer.  Now I'm 7th in Silver.

I think its all Sean's fault.