Really liked this idea

But I felt this deck was lacking so I made some changes to it

I removed x2 Swashbuglar (Body is too weak and the random card is of too inconsistent value), x2 Shiv, x1 Burgle, x2 Unearthed Raptor (Not even sure why this is in your deck, the only card you have that synergies with it is the Huckster), x1 Assassinate, x2 Earth Ring Farseer, x1 Cult Apothecary and x1 Nefarion

I added x2 Preparation (Really this should be an auto include with how many spells you're running), x1 Yogg Saron, x2 Journey Below (serves the same purpose as Swashbuglar but instead of the 1/1 body, you always get a proc for Arcane Giants and Yogg Saron and get to discover a deathrattle), x1 Blood Mage Thalnos, x2 Tomb Pillager (your deck lacks any 4 drops which is a pretty big deal imo, also gives you a coin for giant/yogg procs), x1 Dark Iron Skulker, x2 Azure Drakes, x1 Sprint.

I thought about adding in the Gatgetzan, which makes me wonder if its better to just add Arcane Giants to the existing Miracle Rogue. I dunno though as this card feels abit too slow as I haven't really been winning with the Giants (I only pulled the combo once). I have been winning most of my games with Yogg Saron though. Another card that should be a good add is Xaril: Poisoned Mind but I sadly do not have this card so I can't include it.