Holy Champion or Malygos Dragon Priest

  (Edited: )

I love the Holy Champion card, it's a bit like frothing berserker, and she shouts 'DOES THIS HURT?!' if her damage is high enough, which just tickles me ^_^ I've had a few goes at making it work and the best I've managed is to copy Zetalot's decks from Hearth Pwn.


EDIT: I've changed my mind, that's crap! I do love holy champion, but I've been playing Malygos Dragon Priest. All the defensive power of Dragon Priest but the OTK Goodness of Malygos. MMM feels good. Sometimes you can get double thaurissan and have 7 mana malygos, free one target spells, and 3 mana holy nova. 

I take no credit, it's all from here: 


Edit: I had a thought, wouldn't Velen go well in that? I don't have Velen but it's been made. More win conditions now :D


Would love to see either Malygos or Holy Champion Priest TBH :)